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The GTS Group is a global private equity corporation focused on meaningful business partnerships and long term growth.

We work strategically to nurture local management teams and expand into new markets, growing small projects to become companies into lasting self-sustaining green organizations.

Long Term Investment

With an Our unique approach is to invest , in good businesses and commit to making them great with a long term perspective on value creation.

International Collaboration

With business based from Panama and Canada with investments in North and South America and the Caribbean, our diverse geographical presence offers global perspective, resources and insight., our diverse geographical presence offers global perspective, resources and insight.

“It’s about more than profit.”

It’s about building something that will endure.”

Our Approach

It’s about more than short-term improvement.

It’s about nurturing long-term growth with partners concerned in developing an environmentally sustainable world.

There’s more to investment than short-term results and repeatable financial models. We go beyond the balance sheets to look deeply into the organizations and the people we partner with. We work collaboratively with management teams to develop strategies and business plans that identify opportunities. More importantly, we provide guidance to ensure they're realized and ongoing support to ensure they continue.

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“It’s about more than making contact.

It’s about starting a conversation.”

Our Partners

It’s about more than investing in good companies.

It’s about aligning with great people.


Active Operating Partnerships

$5 - 15M



Equity Ownership


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