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Founder, Denis Andrew Gittins, B.Sc., M.Sc. PMP, Environmental Geoscientist and Tech entrepreneur and his board of Directors and managers starts developing our business structure and partnering model in 2013. Since then the companies in which the GTS group has shareholding investments has grown assisting in reducing the carbon footprint in investments in renewable energy companies, environmental project management projects, design of the first solar city in a third world country where the sun, nature , generates electricity and the sale of the excess pays for the city maintenance , schools and teachers. The GTS Group is expanding into investment into recyclable building products that use 30% wood chips and the rest recycles products like water bottles, straws, plastic bags manufactured into composite materials with a myriad of uses, saving trees, and reducing our carbon footprint. The GTs group assists and invest into companies dedicated to clean recyclable energy and environmentally sustainable projects that have a high input of job creation, and expects to expand.