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Investment Philosophy

It’s about more than profit. It’s about building something that will endure.

There’s more to investment than short-term results and repeatable financial models for profit. For itself.

We believe in investing in business make a profit and helping partners by developing business opportunities that are socially responsible and help the world recycle and revitalize itself and.

That’s why we go beyond the balance sheets to look deeply into the organizations and the people we partner with.

t’s a straightforward approach really: Our time, resources, and expertise are dedicated to your success and our success. We’re in this together, you, ourselves and our common world.

There is no clock ticking to divest of our investments. We’re permanent private equity. We invest in good businesses and commit to making them great with a thirty-year perspective on value creation. Growth requires more than insight, expertise, and diligence. It requires perseverance.

It’s about more than short-term improvement.
It’s about nurturing long-term growth.

This is our target market:

We want to partner with cash-flowing, mid-market businesses, demonstrating a profitable track record with EBITDA in the range of $4-15 million. Typically, they share a modest piece of a big market and provide a clear value proposition to their customers. We are focused on acquiring companies that fit within our primary platform strategies of Technology & Communications, Food & Consumer Products, and Health. We offer a fair price for good businesses.

This is our long-term approach:

We're not required to sell our investments, so our management team has the freedom to choose the timing of any exits. The result is committed people and committed capital that's focused on the long-term health of the companies we work with..

This is how we invest in management:

The management teams we partner with retain control of day-to-day operations and provide continuity of relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. This not only protects the business’ legacy, it also protects the culture and brand reputation that has developed over time.